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I started VolleyVideo to help players optimize their recruiting videos and simplify the overwhelming process. I noticed parents and players choosing video highlights based on results, but disregarding mistakes in their technique. With thousands of athletes competing for the same few spots, you only have a few seconds to make an impact. Get volleyball specific insight and take the guesswork out of creating your best first impression. 

John Kozak, Coach / Founder
I'm a volleyball coach and parent of a college recruit. I've coached Club, High Performance, and High School for both boys and girls programs, and have successfully coached 3 teams to USA Volleyball Junior National medals.
Send College Coaches What They Want

We've done the research. Coaches have told us their preferences and expectations, so we can have a better insight on what they want to see.

A partial list of the colleges that have participated in our research survey:

This process can feel overwhelming. I can help.

VolleyVideo plans will save you countless hours of research and video editing time, and provide clarity with step by step instructions. You just provide the raw game footage, and I will help guide you through the recruiting process.

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