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5 Tips to Help You Stand Out with College Volleyball Coaches

The college recruiting process can be overwhelming. Here are a few simple things to keep in mind when reaching out to schools.

5 Helpful Tips to Stand Out with College Coaches

Coaches receive hundreds, if not thousands, of highlight videos. Much like a job search, it is your goal to stand out in the masses. You have as little as a few seconds to show your capabilities and give a memorable first impression. Generally a highlight video are 3-5 minutes long, but usually you will have much less than that to get noticed. Most coaches will say that they know their interest level in a potential recruit within the first 30 seconds of watching their highlight reel.

Do your research, make a plan of attack, and put your best foot forward.

1) Do Your Research

Coaches are looking for player who know their college volleyball program, appreciate their team culture, and have a connection to their school.

2) Write a Compelling Email

Share your unique connection to the school and/or the volleyball program. Let them see that you have the passion that will add value to their team.

3) Choose Highlight Clips Wisely

Coaches are looking at more than just the result of the volleyball play. They are reviewing the level of competition, technique, and dynamic potential in your play. Consider getting qualified help in selecting your best plays and composing your highlight video.

4) Be Organized and Targeted

Organize your information to make it easy for the coaches to see your potential. Put your best foot forward and help coaches do their job in selecting you.

5) Follow Up Consistently

After your original email, send updated highlight videos, keep the coach in the loop with your latest accomplishments. Let them know when you’ll be at club tournaments, and ask them to come out and see you.

Most coaches will know their interest level in a volleyball player within the first 30 seconds of a recruiting video.

I started VolleyVideo to help players simplify the college volleyball recruiting process. I assist athletes with optimized highlight videos, easy steps, and individualized consultation. Get volleyball specific insight and take the guesswork out of making your best first impression.

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