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A Few Key Steps to Reaching Your College Volleyball Goals

Getting recruited for college sports is like a job search.

It takes self reflection, research, hard work, determination, and patience.

A Few Key Steps for Reaching Your Collegiate Volleyball Goals

There’s overwhelming pressure for volleyball recruits to both achieve at an early age. New recruiting rules will have coaches reaching out to you as early as June of your Junior year. Players need to achieve amazing academic and athletic accomplishments at a very young age to be in line for college volleyball roster spots. For coaches, they have the immense task of finding 3-6 athletes each year to fill their vacant team positions. With the volume of players, global recruiting, and high level of competition, this is a heavy responsibility each year. Good news is that both volleyball players and college coaches are working hard to find each other. The key is to make it easier to be found in the sea of athletes.

Here are a few tips to help you be seen when the recruiting selections are made.

• Compete on a high level club volleyball team and attend prominent club tournaments

• Understand the different levels of play and get some insight on where your abilities fit

• Do your research and find schools that fit your academic and athletic abilities

• Create an attention-grabbing highlight video

• Communicate with coaches and let them know where you will be competing

• Share your academic success. Prove eligibility with NCAA and/or NAIA academic

• Do your research, have a plan, and put in the work.

Coaches can smell passion and work ethic

With a little insight, selective research, some careful planning, and a lot of hard work, you can reach your goals. Coaches are looking for players. You just need a well-executed plan, a little guidance, and a quality highlight video to get seen by volleyball coaches.

Good news is that both volleyball players and college coaches are working hard to find each other.

I started VolleyVideo to help players simplify the college volleyball recruiting process. I assist athletes with optimized highlight videos, easy steps, and individualized consultation. Get volleyball specific insight and take the guesswork out of making your best first impression.

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